About Braniva

BRANIVA INDÚSTRIA MECÂNICA LTDA was founded on September 22, 1977, adding more than 40 years of market experience in providing services and pieces for chemical, oil, petrochemical, steel, paper and celulose – among others – industries.

The products and services of the BRANIVA company are divided between boiler and machining, focusing in:

  • Turner
  • Milling
  • Calendering
  • Welding
  • Rectify

All manufactured parts receive a rigorous quality inspection, guaranteeing the products with maximum excellence supply.

BRANIVA has a bold trade profile, managing to meet the increased market demands and providing quality products because of its fast production line and focus on its customers needs.

In addition, it has quality in its management and seeks the purpose to add value, safety and quality to the work of organizations in need. This way, Braniva provides all the necessary support so institutions can work with the best results in its industries.

  • BRANIVA has ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification, evidencing its qualifications of service, work and production.
  • It is also registered in the PETROBRÁS supplier register, and has been in possession of the CRCC since its implementation.
  • Finally, it was ratified in July 2014 as an official supplier of ONIP – Petroleum Industry Organization.

Our Objectives

To provide for all its customers products and services that meet all types of requirements, being compliant with deadlines, maintaining service cordiality, adding market value and promoting the creation of each piece and product safelly its a priority and it aims to improve the organization processes and activities, meeting demands as needed and providing required specifications and customer support.

BRANIVA has the mission of creating a positive bond with its customers and suppliers all over Brazil, in order to develop great partnerships and work that as an advantage for all parts envolved. The company seeks to be up-to-date with the market’s innovative products and services demands and to be useful for industries that wish to have a high standard, becoming prepared to serve customers with exemplary quality in its services.


Our Philosophy

BRANIVA was born from a dream, and, on September 22, 1977, that dream came true. One of the strongest parts manufacturing companies was created for the chemical, petrochemical, mining and oil industries.

The company has total commitment to all its customers and offer services in many brazillian cities – establishing great and true partnerships that not only satisfy what the segment needs, but also strengthen its relations through an exceptional piece supply and quality service.

All BRANIVA’s achievements and certifications results from of a lot of work and dedication to the boiler and machining segment. Throughout its course, the company has placed high value in human resources, key point for a good development of products and their quality.

Mission, Values and Vision


Ensure quality above everything else, developing parts that promote better industry results, attending customers in an attentive manner and promoting optimized working conditions



We are totally transparent company rules, that can be acessed by our clientes at any time. Our social and environmental responsibility are always in first place, making BRANIVA a completely ethical company.



We believe that a job can only be well done if there is deep knowledge in developing products for machining and boilermaking; this includes being attentive to market innovations.


Certifications BRANIVA

BRANIVA INDÚSTRIA MECÂNICA has several certificates that guarantee quality and excellence in its operations in boiler and machining sectors, being a qualified company to carry out projects with a high complexity degree.

Among our certificates, the following can be highlighted:

– ISO 9001 (Version 2015)

Excellence in quality is one of the most important items to maintain a good relationship with customers and suppliers, assuring a good market position.

That’s why BRANIVA has always been attentive and concerned to improve its production processes and to train its professionals in order to guarantee to all customers the best rendering of services and service in the machining and boilermaking area.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification ensures that the company is able to efficiently plan and implement improvements, monitor the current production and administrative situation, check for possible failures – and correct them promptly – forming a cycle of continuous improvements.

From the standardization and applicable standards it is possible to guarantee:

  • Strong development of business skills and management.
  • Improvement of the team motivation, since the professional qualification helps to understand the work importance and aims for the good execution of it.
  • Excellence in creation and development of parts, aiming to completely exclude the need for rework and the presence of nonconformities.
  • Customer satisfaction, since the agreements are always honored.

ONIP Catalog

The NaviPeças catalog was created by the National Petroleum Industry Organization, in partnership with the Brazilian Industrial Development Association.

In this catalog are registered national companies that provide naval and offshore industry services, mainly for the petroleum sector. BRANIVA is registered in the NaviPeças catalog, having its validation active for the current year.

CRCC Petrobrás

The Certificate of Registration of Cadastral Classification (CRCC) is a register that Petrobrás maintains over all companies that supply it with goods or services.

BRANIVA has the CRCC, being officially qualified to provide goods and services to any Petrobrás unit.

certificado ONIP-2016-2018-1

Braniva defined as Quality Policy:

  • Provide customers with products and services that meet their requirements, including fulfillment of the deadline, fidelity, cordiality in service, technical knowledge of the product and safety in the realization of the product
  • Improve our processes so that customer specifications are maintained and serviced according to your needs
  • Create a trusting bond with our customers and suppliers in order to work on partnerships, being advantageous for stakeholders
  • Get employees involved with the management system quality
  • Provide employees with training to meet the management system quality
  • Provide employees with training to achieve growth and professional achievement
  • Search for the national market for new products and services that meet the certification scope

Have the best machining and boiler service