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Learn more about the the paper and cellulose industry importance, as the paper use is still a basic worldwide necessity. This item is present in various activities of our day to day lives, and you will be surely interested in this important service offered by Braniva.

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The importance of cellulose and paper

The main raw material for the production of paper is cellulose, found in plants through polymers in Brazil, whose extraction comes from trees such as pine and eucalyptus and which promotes a linkage of this segment with the agricultural production of tree planting.

The process production starts from the cutting and grinding of the wood in chips of different sizes to carry out the separation between the cellulose and the other components, such as lignin.

In this initial production stage, the most used process to perform the wood treatment consist on: mechanical process, soda process, acid process and Kraft process.

This way, the cellulose is obtained and goes through a bleaching stage, to become white. It is then transformed into paper in the drying machines, that dry the removed from moisture and pressed cellulose.

Finally, this paper roll needs to be continuous cut into different sizes according to the consumer’s need and packaged for the transportation to its final destination.


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Braniva's services in the paper and cellulose industries

Through this simple productive process of the paper explanation, it is wasy to notice how the machining and boilermaking industries are present in all stages.

Quickly, you can identify the need for machinery and parts services, that promote high wear, such as crushers. Therefore, the maintenance and exchange of these devices are extremely important for the industry.

This is BRANIVA’s role: offering the best solutions for the cellulose and paper industries to be able to continue to carry out their processes productivity and to grow in this segment.

Therefore, trust those who have market experience and already work with the paper and cellulose industries and request the services of BRANIVA to ensure the proper functioning of your production process.


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