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Get to know more about the sugar and alcohol industry services and how Brazil has as one of the main sugar cane agricultural products that, over the years, has acquired the fuel function, which is known as ethanol, raising the country to the world’s largest producer podium. You will certainly be interested in this important service offered by Braniva.

With sugar and alcohol industry services and with some changes that took place through a high growth production of ethanol, favoring the world’s large-scale.

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Alcohol production process

The ethanol production process starts from the sugarcane grinding, which gives rise to garapa, that has a high sucrose concentration. This solution is then boiled and processed into molasses.

The next step is the biological yeast to fermentation of molasses addition, which causes the sacrosis present in the solution to become ethanol.

Finally, the fermentation process resulting mixture is directed to be distilled to a solution divided in, approximately, 96% ethanol and 4% water, also known as the hydrated ethanol sold at gas stations.

Now, if the product purpose is to be mixed with gasoline, the same can not be done with hydrated etanol. It is indicated that this solution goes through a dehydration process and result on the anhydrous ethanol, which has about 99.6 % ethanol.

In general, by analyzing this production process succinctly, the equipment and machinery specific need is identified, so all stages of ethanol production are completed efficiently.

Clearly, it takes a tractor, truck and harvester to do the cutting and sugar cane transportion to the industry. It is also necessary to count with boilers, pipes, metallic structures, valves, pumps and axles for the process productivity.


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How braniva operates in the sugar and alcohol segment

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