Learn how dimensional metrology can ensure that your machined parts always meet your specifications.

Learn all about Dimensional Metrology

Know a little more about dimensional metrology, how it works and its role within BRANIVA services. With the information below you will probably be interested in this type of service.

Dimensional metrology is one of the many ways to ensure that a particular part meets your specifications.

This measurement science is essential in the machining sector because it guarantees the quality of the product.

Assure to your company the exceptional Braniva quality, counting on the best dimensional metrology of the current market.

Definition of dimensional metrology

Measuring instruments are essential for setting maximum and minimum tolerances for proper fit and function with other parts of the process.

This happens because of the many factors that can interfere with the correct operation, such as temperature variations and imprecision of other equipments. Therefore, tolerance is essential.

It is very important that machining companies take this into consideration when producing their equipments, because, if not, their results can harm other industries.

At BRANIVA, excellence in dimensional metrology is part of the company’s production routine. After finishing the machining process, the pieces are Always sent for inspection.

For this purpose different instruments with different levels of precision are used ando selected according to the accuracy of measurement. Their calibration i salso periodically tested.

The pachymeter is a simple and widely used instrument created to measure millimetric graduations using two measuring nozzles, one mobile and another attached to a scale.

On the other hand, the micrometer consists of an arc that has a micrometric degree, which gives a high precision in hundredths of a millimeter and measures through a movable rod.




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The importance of metrology in Braniva's services

By adopting this practice, BRANIVA guarantees that all its produced parts have the quality and precision required by the clientes. Therefore, the final results are always in compliance with the proposed dimensions.

Other very important information generated by the inspection report is the finishing of the partes, the indication of the production material, the steps of treatment of the parts and a raw material that is certificated.

Therefore, do not hesitate to choose BRANIVA for the production of your parts and equipment in the general industry. Our company guarantees quality and accuracy in its products and the proper functioning of its production process in the vertical market.


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