All parts used in the industry have holes, and this is what its called holemaking.

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Understand what is Holemaking, and what is the usefulness of this procedure in the manufacture of parts for different industrial purposes.

Several diferent kinds of parts that are used in the various industries need different shapes and details to be properly fitted.

Often, holes are essential for the operation of these parts. To fit its purpose correctly they must be millimetrically calculated.

The Holemaking is the activity responsible for this, and with it your projects should perform precisely each hole in each element.

Understand the importance of precise machining

For each machine used in the most varied industries – petrochemical, pharmaceutical, scientific, etc. – others are responsible for creating key pieces.

They are the called “machine tools”. They are used to make these parts – that are applied to other machines. Analyzing this, you can imagine that this kind og task needs to be done very carefully, right?

One of the most important machining processes is Holemaking. The overwhelming majority of the pieces have at least one hole. Although this sounds simple, its construction must be perfect for the part to work properly.

That’s why holemaking was created. It is responsible for, trhough the coordinates of a project, be able to drill the holes that each part needs.

For this to be accomplished, cutting tools are used, which operate on the basis of the rotation of the part to be bored. This is commonly done with drills or milling cutters.

To drill metals, as you might imagine, there are specific materials. This happens because this type of piece is difficult to handle. The helical drill is usually the right choice in this case.


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Different types of Holemaking

Each piece has its particularity, and that’s why there are also different types of Holemaking. Variations were created to make the process more accurate. To name a few, we can list:

Full Holemaking;

Holemaking with pre-Holemaking;

Holemaking stepped.

Each one has a different detail, but they all have something in common: they must be performed by qualified and prepared professionals. So you should always choose to drill with a specialized company.

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