In addition to being a very precise procedure, it is possible to work very rigid parts through electroerosion.

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Some essential information about the electro-erosion process. This is one of the most significant advances in the world of machining, and its certainly fundamental today.

Machining is the art of molding varied parts mainly through metal plates.

Most of the time they are very high rigidity materials, and only a special machinery can handle cutting and shaping.

The electroerosion is part of this group of procedures specially developed to make the machining process easier and faster.

Understand the importance of precise machining

Although some very famous machines like lathe or milling machine are extremely effective, there are materials that simply can not be molded through these equipments.

This is directly related to the rigidity of each material and the capacity of each machine. To meet this need, therefore, new alternatives have been created.

Electroerosion enters as one of these solutions that came precisely to meet a specific demand for high rigidity parts that needed to be shaped in another way.

The whole molding process, in this case, is carried out by electrode particles based on copper, graphite, brass or other metal alloys. There is no direct contact between the machine and the part, but only through the electrodes.

Through this technique it is possible to create pieces of the highest quality and precision that can be used in the most varied industries, and for different purposes.

This is one of the most modern and efficient machining processes.


This is one of the most modern and efficient machining processes.


Electroerosion: understand what it is!

The electroerosion happens when lightning controlled by generators are released. This is a procedure considered to be extremely accurate.

A cut-off program is responsible for determining in advance which are the places where the electro-erosion should act. Any type of electro-erosion allows highly rigid parts to be molded.

We can use as an example superalloys, which are extremely hard, and impossible to mold into other machines.

Some of the pieces that are usually made through this technique are passers.

One of the great advantages is that the electroerosion parts are immersed in a liquid which promotes the fast cooling of it. This makes the result more quickly perceived.

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