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Boilermaking is the process of transforming metal plates into structural assemblies.

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Get valuable information about the boilermaking process. This is one of the crucial steps in mechanical manufacturing, it is the starting point for the creation of the most varied parts of the industries.

Creating parts from simple steel plates seems impossible. But that is precisely what the famous boilermaker does.

This professional needs to be completely prepared, and must master his work tool to perform the task with excellence.

Three processes make up the boilermaking activity: calendering, welding and industrial boilermaking. Each applies to a situation.

Understand the importance of boiler

The boilermaking process begins with the receipt of a completely formless metal plate. This will be the material worked in the factory to form an industrial part.

The boilermaker is the professional responsible for producing these parts, using only the raw material as a basis. This is usually done with a steel plate, which can be flat and completely straight or curved, small, rounded, etc.

Therefore, it is crucial that this professional knows the materials very well, and knows how to deal with different types of metals. Therefore, the boilermaker needs to have a specific training to practice the profession.

Precision is critical, however tolerances are more open than in machining processes. Therefore, the boilermaker needs to master the profession, have experience and a lot of security when handling his tools and equipment.

Many pieces can be created from this activity. Some of the most common are:

  • Metal packaging;
  • ovens;
  • tanks;
  • chimneys;
  • Tubes / Spools;
  • Pressure vessel;
  • Welded sets;
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To carry out this task with as much attention and care as it should be, the boilermaker, as we have already said, needs to have experience and know the material. At Braniva you have highly trained professionals who can help you with different solutions.

Hiring a specialized company is essential. This is the best way to get an excellent result. Boilermaking is an activity that requires technical precision.

By dealing with materials that are difficult to handle, this professional also needs to understand the specifics of each metal, and understand a lot about the subject.

The process of boiler shop em Rondonópolis deve ser realizado apenas por empresas certificadas, e que possuam capacidade e conhecimento na área.


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