Tornearia em Cabo de Santo Agostinho

tornearia em Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Turning is the work process performed on a lathe, which is one of the most important machine tools in machining.

In this machine are molded some of the essential parts for the Brazilian and world industry.

For the lathe to be carried out, it is necessary that a specialized company has a lathe machine, and has qualified personnel to perform this task.

The purpose is to create elements that will be used to compose machines and equipment used in different cases.

How does the turning process happen? What does the professional in this area do?

It's called lathe both the activity and the company that performs it. This is the oldest function of a machining process, and until today it is used for the manufacture of various parts and elements.

One of the industries that most makes use of the lathe is the automobile. But you can supply parts for many other important and fundamental sectors for modern life. This machine performs activities such as:

  • pins;
  • threads,
  • axes;
  • Internal and external parts for machines;
  • cones

Que tipo de empresa procura os serviços de tornearia em Cabo de Santo Agostinho?

As we said, a company lathe can provide services for different industrial branches. Some of the sectors that often seek this service, for example, are:

  • mechanical workshops,
  • Agricultural industries;
  • Manufacturers of tractors and other vehicles, among others;
CNC lathe

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Find out here which materials can be molded with a lathe

The lathe is a very expensive machine tool. Keeping one of these doesn't come cheap, and that's why most companies look for specialized services when they need it, rather than purchasing their own. lathe.

This machine can perform cuts in pieces wood, glass, ceramics etc. But precisely because of its cost, it is usually used only for metal, which really cannot be molded differently.

so that the lathe happens, a qualified professional is responsible for operating the machine. We give him the name of turner.

Nowadays, with the arrival of technology and the implementation of CNC lathe – Computer Numerical Command – the turner is still essential, as he is responsible for positioning the part correctly on the machine, in addition to generating the right commands through the computer.

What happens is that the lathe will receive this information, and in an automated way it will carry out the process of tornearia em Cabo de Santo Agostinho – or turning.

A professional who handles the lathe – whether manual or automatic – is highly valued within the machining industry. This is because it is a worker with specific qualifications, and who must have complete mastery of the machine to perform everything with precision.

How to choose a suitable turning company?

Choosing a qualified company to carry out the activity of lathe what you need is essential. As we mentioned, this professional must be very well prepared for the role, and therefore experience is essential.

You should be concerned about looking for a company with years of experience, and that is a reference in what it offers. And this is precisely the case for Braniva Mechanical Industry.

There are more than three decades serving different customers with fast and modern solutions in machining, and delivering absolutely satisfactory results. That is why it is considered a highlight in its field of activity.

Know about lathe, and properly choosing the company that will serve you is essential for you to have an excellent result in your project, without failures, delays or any problems. Also read our content on Parts Machining.


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