Usinagem em Frutal

Usinagem em Frutal

CNC machining takes place through a machine controlled by numerical commands.

It is a type of manufacturing process that uses computers to add automatic machines.

The entire process that makes up the CNC machining starts with a computer program, which allows the detailed specification of each of the parts.

In most cases, Auto CAD software is used, which can also be used to prepare a series of specifications for each component in question.

CNC Machining – better understanding the entire process and how the projects involved are!

In view of the aspects mentioned above, it is important to point out that there is still a second step, which is composed of the transformation of the entire project involved.

This is because the project will later have to be transformed into a series of numerical values, as this is where a CNC machine will be able to use this information to move and operate the necessary tools!

A parcel can be guided by means of a CNC machine, as well as it can be moved by a manual process with resources of robotic means existing in the different workstations.

Here, different types of tools can also be used – they can be items such as drills, presses or even saws, as well as others. The choice must take into account the purpose of the project.

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Technology is an ally of the entire CNC machining process!

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The current modern systems resort to the use of computer terminals that allow working with the program that has been designated, as well as interfering with the type of interface that the machines will be able to work with.

This can be added to virtually all types of tools coming from the machining process!

The process of CNC machining basically it consists of a base, where there must be a piece of work that must be accommodated to start the whole project.

In most cases these bases tend to provide two types of axes of movement. This is necessary so that it is possible to position in any shape and thus meet the necessary specifications.

There are still some configurations that can consider the inclusion of a back stop, which has the ability to include from one to seven axes with the purpose of positioning a certain part more precisely.

Some machines may also have only one tool, which can be a drill, saw or press, as well as other equipment that is necessary for the continuity of the work and issue.

Other models can aggregate a series of other different tools concentrated in a single cell.

This allows a part to go through the process of cutting, drilling and even other necessary operations!

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