Know more about the importance of hardness testing and how BRANIVA introduces this method into its services.

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Know more about all the measurements used in the hardness tests that are obtained from an optical microscope, which confers more specifically the erros in the process. You will certainly be interested in this important service offered by Braniva.

With the hardness test, tempered materials, defined as ceramics or parts that have beem put trhough a treatment that changes its hardness are very present in the metallurgical industry.

In your company, to ensure that the hardness is within the required standards, the material must be subjected to a hardness test.

In order to obtain the quality of Braniva’s services a durometer is used, an apparatus that measures the part for tempered materials or plastics and rubbers.

How to make a hardness test?

In the case of metals, for example, the hardness is measured by a penetration technique, that is, through a depth analysis or through an area analysis in which the piece is marked.

Another way to measure hardness in metals is by shock, which means, basically, the impact on the surface of the material through the reaction force.

Now, if it is only about the durometers, the most applied ones are those that work from the Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers scales.

When measuring hardness on the Rockwell scale, the measurement is given by the diamond penetration mark on its surface, which appears on the indicator of the apparatus.

The most suitable materials for this method are the ones made from tempered steels or alloys and produced with chromium or titanium – hard materials – which need high loads for deformation.

The Vickers scale resembles the Rockwill scale because it also has a diamond penetrator, but it does the measurement by a ratio of weight and area of ​​deformation. The most suitable for the Vickers scale hardness medication method are materials with a lower hardness and less thick parts.

Finally, the Brinell scale consists of the measurement by diameter of impression that a ball of tempered steel causes in the piece when it undergoes a load.



Planing is an increasingly used activity to facilitate work on plates and flat parts.


The importance of Branivas’s hardness tests

By adopting this practice, Braniva guarantees that all its parts produced by machining have the quality and hardness necessary to fulfill its function efficiently.

So do not hesitate to choose Braniva for the production of your parts and equipment in the general industry. The company guarantees quality and accuracy in its products and the proper functioning of its production process in the market.


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