Imagine a world without gears. It is virtually impossible to think of any technological breakthrough in this way, right. This is where the milling process comes in.

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Milling is fundamental for the industry for the manufacture of some of the most used pieces by different companies. Find out what they are, and why Braniva is the best option for this kind of service.

In machining each process is essential for the production of elements and parts for different industries.

If you are looking for a solution to make this type of object, then you came to the right place!

At Braniva we work with different machining procedures, and the milling stands out as one of the main ones.

Milling and the magical world of gears

We can consider that gears are some of the most used parts by different types of factories and industries. Wristwatch – and the most complex electronic gadgets – rely on gear systems to function.

Have you ever stopped to think about who created the gear? Milling is the process responsible for this! It is capable of generating pieces that fit perfectly, with millimetrically calculated cuts.

The milling cutter is the machine responsible for this activity. It performs the progressive removal of the material through repetitive rotational movements that generate these inserts.

The pieces are shaped through small burrs that are drawn through the edges of the mill, which resemble small, standardized teeth.

This machine can also be used to shape the surface of parts by removing excesses. The cutter can make the perfect size for that piece to be later inserted anywhere.


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Seek milling with the best company!

Like all other procedures that are conected to the machining activity, milling requires attention and a lot of experience.

So you should look for a company with quality, and be able to perform this task with mastery. And that is what Braniva Indústria e Mecânica Ltda has to offer.

We work with qualified professionals and are ready to perform the best milling services to you. We rely strictly on your will, and we guarantee the delivery of a material which has the highest quality and precision.


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