See how chemical and petrochemical industry services are related to machining and boilermaking and how BRANIVA is part of this successful relationship.

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Learn more about the chemical and petrochemical industry services and how this services can be important for the industries in the segment. The country deserves worldwide production prominence, which has been growing more and more and couting with gains that revolve around billions. You will certainly be interested in this important service offered by Braniva.

With chemical and petrochemical industry services, the products are totally geared towards use as acids, gases, catalysts, etc.

Ensure service quality for the chemical and petrochemical industry through the control of the used materials for manufacturing.

Ensure the total quality of Braniva services and count on the best professionals in the area of the chemical and petrochemical industry.

The role of chemicals and petrochemicals in the market

Industrial used chemicals are the most demanded and the highest in price. Therefore, companies that use these inputs also need repair and maintenance services.

BRANIVA has become the main industry partner when offerring the best solutions in the manufacture and repairing of axles, housings, bushings and other diverse utility pieces in this chemical sector.

Another segment that also deserves mention is the petrochemical industry, which uses petroleum and its derivatives as the basis. BRANIVA was also present during the growth period of this sector, providing production processes services and remaing a strong partner during the process.

Precisely, because of it, these segments production line depends very much on the machining and boilerwork, since the transport, manufacture and final destination of the chemical and petrochemical products need to be done while counting with the best equipment.

Typically, the essential machinery for transportation is the pumps and threads associated pipelines. Not to mention that there are still tanks, reactors and boilers that receive special treatment in the coating.

In addition, there are still companies in this segment that require differentiated support for working with non-metallic materials, such as PVC and other polycarbonates.


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Braniva’s services

Through this scenario, it can be noted that it is important that all parts, machinery and equipment of the chemical and petrochemical industry, are periodically maintained in order to avoid production interruptions in the process and the possibility of serious work environment accidents.

That is why BRANIVA is a reference in the machining and boiler industry, to handle this type of work in chemical and petrochemical industries – which require experience and quality techniques to offer the best in structures and equipment -without compromising production.


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