Check out the mining industries potential in the country and how their activities have a strong connection with the services provided by BRANIVA.

Learn all about the mining industry services

Learn more about the mining industry services and learn how, fortunately, Brazil presents a great mineral wealth picture that favors the mining industry growth and counts on the services offered by Braniva.

With mining industry services you have the chance to explore the largest natural reserves that are found in national territory.

Ensure the mining industry quality of services through the use of appropriate methods.

Assure the quality of all mining industry services with Braniva, a highly recognized company in the market.

World mining board

The largest natural reserves of niobium are also found in the national territory, which guarantees the high strength metal alloys production, favorable to the aerospace industry.

Nickel, another wealth mineral in the country, is very present in the metallurgy industries, which plays an important role in the stainless steel alloys production – that are highly employable.

However, these wealths are not restricted only to the extraction of metallic origin minerals, but also to the phosphate obtaining, which guarantees the country the fourth world place in reserve and extraction.

One of the main organic compound functions of this is fertilizer production, which is currently one of the main inputs to ensure that the country agricultural activities continue to occur.

Through this mineral framework that Brazil presents, it is necessary to count on the right equipment, machinery and other favorable structures to the extraction and production of these compounds.

Therefore, BRANIVA is present in this branch of the big industries market in order to offer the best production, repair and maintenance services and also all the necessary parts and components in the mining.

The developed activities in the mineral extraction area ​​ require resistant and good equipment performancea, since they must work directly with the ore in its raw state.

The mining industry has a close relationship with other industry sectors such as, for example, steel, chemical and machining and boilermaking.


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The services of braniva for the mining industries

The mining carry out repetitive and exhausting movements used as tools, such as, for example, mining, the breaking of rock blocks, the extraction of ores and material in crushers grinding.

For all this processing to happen without unforeseen and with maximum productivity, BRANIVA is present in all maintenance, repair and exchange of parts activities, to ensure a smooth operation.

This demonstrates how machining and boilermaking is importante to industries that perform core and vital economical to continue to grow and supply the current market needs.

This is why BRANIVA is the best option for the different situations that the mining industries need to count on, such as the specialized and quality assistance machinery that their equipment need.


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