Learn about the extreme importance for the steel segment and its development in the market that BRANIVA services can amplify.

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Understand everything about the steel industry services and know how, currently, steel and metal alloys are present in almost every day to day products. Learn, also, about their extreme importance for industrial activities, and you will certainly be interested in this important service offered by Braniva.

With steel industry services, you can have an excellent material cost reduction, which can be provided to your company.

You will the best quality services for your steel industry, counting on the best process and control of the material used for manufacturing.

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Role of steel and metal alloys in the market

Just take a look around: you can see cars, buses, buildings, bridges, machines, electronic devices… well, a huge variety of products such as iron, steel and other metal alloys.

In this scenario, the steel industry is indispensable for all of the activities for country to continue to operate, which made Brazil the world leader producer of steel.

This entire steel process begins in a raw material production, such as iron and coal, which have mineral origin andare  extracted from the mining company environment.

After this mining step, the coal, for example, undergoes a distillation process, to remove the impurities and to obtain the coke, used in the furnaces together with the iron.

And within this same process, also a impurity mixture, known as slag, is obtained during the heating and it is withdrawn in a solid state to be used in the concrete production.

Subsequently, the iron undergoes a large furnaces refinement, with the presence of oxygen – responsible for removing remaining residues and decreasing the mixture carbon content. The product obtained from these steps is steel, which may be in the form of billets, coils, slabs, ingots and other shapes according to their market use.


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Braniva's performance in the steel sector

As it can be seen, for all this production to take place, specific equipment is needed, afterall, they are manufactured to fulfill some particular functions.

And that is how the steel industry works, providing the raw material needed for other different segments industries, which also need steel and metal alloys to continue to produce.

A good example of this relationship is the existing one between the steel industry and machining and boilermaking, which demands a lot of products such as billets, plates, tubes and ingots to carry out their work.

Therefore, BRANIVA is a market reference and Works in collaboration with steel industries, believing in the importance that partnership bring Brazilian economy market.


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