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Get a insight into the tire and glass industry services. Today, it is easily possible to note the growth of vehicles, whether cars, motorcycles and other automobiles all over the country, and, along with them, an increased demand for tires. You will certainly be interested in the important tire and glass industry service provided by Braniva.

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The importance of the tire in our day to day

To reach the state of excellence and use of a tire, one has to go through some stages of production, such as mixing, cutting, building, healing and inspection.

In the tire blending, more than 30 types of rubbers and other components are added in large blenders that give rise to a black and viscous-looking product.

This product is, then, taken to be cut into strips, which will represent the basic structure of the tire. Subsequently, all components are placed in a mounting machine that gives rise to the “green” tire.

This product is subjected to vulcanization, a process in which “green tire” is placed in a compression curing machine. After certified inspection, the final product is ready for use.

Another very present in people’s daily lives product is the glass, which has a much older origin than the tire, but still retains its basic raw materials.

Its production process includes the sand, calcium carbonate, oxided aluminum and limestone use, which are subjected to high temperatures and which are, then, cut into various sizes according to demand.

After the cut is made, such material is placed in a mold, which is engaged in a responsible for releasing the air blower, necessary to expand the parts and to shape the desired product, to mold keying traces. Due to the machining difficulty of these parts in other machine tools, this is the best option.


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Braniva and its relationship with tires and glass

Just like the tires, the glass also go through an inspection and a final quality control that uses measuring devices, which are called gauges.

BRANIVA has a fundamental role in the manufacture of these products, since part of the material needed for the equipment and parts used in the inspection is made by them.

As a result, BRANIVA also participates and provides its services in the tire and glass industry emphasizing the importance of machining and boilermaking in the manufacture.


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