The art of twisting, kneading or folding metal parts requires no super power, but a super power plant!

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Useful information regarding the calendering process, one of the machining steps that aims to bend and handle with greater freedom even the most rigid and difficult pieces, such as the ones made of metal.

Working with metals is very common in the machining industry. Most of what is done in this environment involves the use of metal and steel plates.

But handling this kind of material is not easy at all! Stiffness is an obstacle to be overcome, and with technological and industrial development, this is in fact possible.

The process known as calendering performs folds and other activities on crude metal plates, regardless of the stiffness of them.

Calendering and its role in the plant:

Calendering is performed by a machine called calender. Calender is able to bend and perform high rigidity metal parts. There are, however, different types of calenders on the market.

Sheet billets and profile billets, for example, are some of the most common types of calenders on the market. They can also vary in size, each one having a different and very specific function.

The calenders are very powerful, and can perform different types of folds and twists in materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and steel. It is another way of shaping pieces through metal, overcoming the difficulty caused by the rigidity of this type of material.

Usually this procedure happens after the boiling process. The right order is usually: turning, boring and milling. After that, the calandra process is applied.


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