Being one of the most important parts of the machining process, the conventional lathe is able to create fundamental pieces to the most diverse industries.

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Essential information about conventional lathe and its applications and operations. Understand why this machine is considered one of the most important in the process of creating a piece of metal.

The conventional lathe is one of the machining processes of a part in which cylindrical and geometric shapes can be molded.

It is through it that some of the most important components of the industry are obtained.

It can either cast parts of its raw state, or work on parts that have already gone through other processes.

Conventional lathe: essential for machining

As you may know, the machining process depends on a number of factors and processes, such as Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Boring, etc.

And among so many options, we can not fail to mention the conventional lathe as one of the main steps in this activity.

Conventional lathe it is able to make parts such as shafts, pulleys, pins and different types of threads and other pieces in cylindrical formats. In addition, it can also manufacture cones, beads and more.

It is a machine tool that is responsible for doing a fundamental job: molding cylindrical or tapered pieces. For this, the conventional lathe makes delicate and precise movements, which only strip the material, molding it as needed.

The professional responsible for the handling of this extraordinary machine needs a specific certificate, which gives it autonomy to control the winch.


The lathe is the oldest machine tool still in use in the world!


Conventional lathe

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