XIN machining, every hundredth of a millimeter is valuable and the hole production is made through the boring process.

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Boring is one of the most important machining processes. It is through it that the holes are made and adjusted to make a perfect piece for its purpose.

The boring machine is the machine that receives different cutting tools to perform the service.

This process also receive other types of names in Brazil, mas they all meet the same purpose.

In the boring machine there is the so-called “boring bar” which is one of the most important and efficient machine parts.

Understand the importance of precise machining

Boring is a process used to drill holes or adjust diameters so that they fit perfectly into their groove. For this to be accomplished, the machine tool called “boring machine” is used.

One of the most expressive qualities of this machine is that it can perform tasks with great agility. For this are coupled to the mandrel (bar) different tools that will aid in the process.

Some of them are: drills, milling cutters and reamers. Cutting tools can also be fitted in this process, being responsible for drilling or finishing another existing one.

We can also mention another very important feature, which is the fact that the boring machines are composed of moving parts and completely interchangeable. This makes these machines very versatile and effective.

The turntable and moving head are also a factor that make this machine very efficient and fast. These are components that are present in almost all boring machines.


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