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Understand more about non-destructive testing and how this type of service is of utmost importance in manufacturing some items. These tests guarantee some specifications and qualities required in your projects!

Braniva counts will all the main types of non destructive tests. This way, your machining parts garantee quality and efficiency.

Ensure a full quality of all your your non-destructive tests with analysis specific to your company.

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Concept of non-destructive testing

In some cases, the parts produced by machining require a more specific analysis, not only in its dimensions, but also in the quality of its material. Thus, knowing about its composition and internal structure is the best way to identify possible production defects in pieces that are already finished or in the stage of completion.

For this situation, non-destructive tests are performed. The part does not undergo any kind of chemical or mechanical change in its characteristics, so it does not interfere with its subsequent use.

An applied test method type is the visual inspection, which is very practical and simple to do, because it only requires the observation of a trained inspector with optical instruments, such as a magnifying glass, to identify the quality of the welds.

Another way is through a penetrating liquid of easy execution, in which a specific colored liquid is applied in the part, that after some time of contact and later washing reveals possible superficial defects.

Ultrasound is a type designed to identify internal defects in any of the parts. In this way, ultrasonic waves that echo through the material are applied and are captured according to the change in the displacement pattern.

Finally, watertightness is a type of test that identifies the possible leakage of gases or liquids in closed systems under vacuum or pressure. Its operation is through the sealing of the machined part and the application of a certain gas or liquid under these physical conditions, so that it can be checked for leaks.


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Importance of non-destructive testing

By adopting this practice, BRANIVA guarantees that all its produced parts have high quality and offer the best performance to the client, avoiding possible failures and serious errors that can compromise their productive process.

Therefore, do not hesitate to choose BRANIVA for the production of your parts and equipment in the general industry. Our company guarantees the efficiency of all the produced material.


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