Know a little bit more about three-dimensional metrology, how it works and its role within BRANIVA services.

Learn all about three-dimensional metrology

Learn more about three-dimensional metrology and how it is capable of performing three-dimensional inspections such as quality control, made with the help of the Coordinate Measuring Machine (MMC). With the right definitios, you will surely be interested in this important service offered by Braniva.

Through this system it is possible to know the exact position of any point in this space of three dimensions from an already known point.

All data is sent to the computer, which is responsible for calculating the dimensions of the machining part produced by your company.

Assure all the quality of Braniva’s three-dimensional metrology services and have the best understanding and operations in the market.

Definition of three-dimensional metrology

To understand more about this operation, it is necessary to know that the device counts with a system of coordinates of three axes (X, Y and Z), being two in plane and one in height.

MMC machines have a sensor, which can be mechanical, electronic or optical, and that obtains the coordinates of the workpiece surfaces.

The mechanical sensor has a hard material surfasse made of steel. The electronic sensor has a sensitive tip to perform the measurement, that is passed to the computer through electronic signals.

Also, the optical sensors use microscopes and laser to measure the surfaces of the piece through direct contact with the sensor. All MMCs can work from manual or computerized commands.

When using a manual machine, all steps of measuring, reading and calculating are done by an operator. However, this procedure is only used for training, due to the possibility of generating large errors.

Upon receiving this data, the computer processes and calculates the measurements received and provides a report that identifies the dimensions of the part.

Therefore, the best way to guarantee the accuracy and conformity of the measurements is to use of CNC machines, that are actuated by a numerical command made only by a computer.

In this case, advanced softwares and computers are used and capable of making large scale calculations, since the first measurement is made by the operator and the rest is placed in na automatic mode and repeated by the system several times.


Planing is an increasingly used activity to facilitate work on plates and flat parts.


Importance of metrology

By adopting this practice, BRANIVA guarantees that all its produced parts have the quality and precision required by the cliente, with a final result that is in compliance with the proposed dimensions.

Therefore, do not hesitate to choose BRANIVA for the production of your parts and equipment in the general industry. The company guarantees the quality and accuracy of its products and the proper functioning of its production process in the market.


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