Welding is the activity that allows two bases to be joined in a really effective way.

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A quick explanation on what TIG and MIG / MAG welding is. Understand what are the specifities of each one of them and what is the best company to hire for this type of service.

Even metal, a material of difficult handling, can be welded through these techniques.

To accomplish this task, the professional must understand how the chemical reaction that results in the weld happens.

Searching for a qualified company to accomplish this is the best way to get great results.

Know welding processes

Welding is a process known for joining two parts of materials, whether or not they are the same. There are different types of welding in the machining industry, and each, of course, has its functions and particularities.

We can highlight two of them as the main ones, that are widely used by the largest machining companies: TIG welding and MIG / MAG welding.

TIG Welding – from the English “Tungsten Inert Gas” or “Tungsten and Inert Gas” – is performed by melting metals to be joined. The melting, however, happens by an electric arc that is generated through a current.

It seems confusing, but it is one of the most used processes in the market by the best companies of machining of the country. This electric current is generated by a tungsten electrode.


Welding is the art of joining two pieces of material so that they do not come loose in any way.


What is mig / mag welding?

When we talk about MIG / MAG welding, we are refering ourselves to the terms “Metal Inert Gas” and “Metal Active Gas”. The process is done by heating a wire that, upon receiving a strong electric discharge, releases electrodes that stimulates the melting.

When the parts are melted, the welding process takes place. MIG / MAG welding is extremely effective, and has been increasingly sought after in machining services.

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